Therefore, only a complete solution will do

Protecting your data is not a single activity or a one-time event. It's a multi-step, complex workflow of interconnected processes that extend far beyond simple onsite backup to encompass continuous backup, onsite storage, archiving, and recovery.

Backup Media

If your data protection solution doesn't address the complete protection lifecycle, your company risks the unacceptable exposure of only partial protection that could easily result in the loss of irreplaceable data and crippling downtime.

With their complex, time-consuming, error-prone processes, tape-based solutions can't address the entire data-protection workflow. By contrast, online data protection delivers a complete solution:

  • Fast data backup
  • Automatic and immediate transmission to an offsite location
  • Archive creation
  • Immediate recovery

Online backup and recovery makes it possible to address the entire data protection workflow, while actually reducing the associated time, workload, and cost.