So you think your doing everything right?
  • You back up your data on a regular basis.
  • You ensure your backup equipment is working properly.
  • You check your software configurations are up to date.
  • You test your restores.

Yet, when a pipe bursts and spills water over your servers and backup tapes, you lose all of your critical data in one night.

Even if your extremely careful about backing up your data, thats only half of the process. To truly protect that data, you must also send it offsite to somewhere secure. Some businesses store backup tapes onsite, needlessly exposing them to risk.

Wave serversSome businesses assign an employee to take the tapes home. While that might work (when they don't forget), what if an employee leaves the tapes in a car, vulnerable to theft or temperature damage? How safe is the employees home and where do they keep your tapes or discs?

Even if you hire a professional tape-handling service to courier and store tapes on a daily or weekly basis, there's always a period of time when you're unprotected and vulnerable to severe data loss.

The time and money you spend re-creating lost data can be costly, not only in terms of lost productivity, but in terms of lost revenue and customer goodwill. On the other hand, online backup and recovery systems use your current Internet connection to automatically transfer data offsite.