About the Service
Simple, Smart Restore - from Anywhere, at Any Time

The Wisebackup web interface allows you to restore your backup files from anywhere at any time. Moreover, Wisebackup provides flexible retention policy settings which allow you to restore snapshots of your data sets as they were in a particular point in time, allowing you to recover past versions of files.

Faster, More Reliable Backups

Wisebackup comes with a flexible backup scheduler that allows you to easily implement backup policies. Wisebackup can also backup open files, such as Microsoft Outlook mailboxes while users are working with their emails.

Wisebackup also allows you to backup large files quickly by only uploading the modified parts of the file, saving you both time and bandwidth.

Professional Technical Support

Wisebackup provides extensive and easily accessible technical support. Queries are responded to in no longer than 24 hours, and typically well within a few hours.